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A panoramic portrait of the physical phenomenon called GRAVITY as it is understood at present.


gravity land includes two lines: a documentary series for TV with 13 episodes, with a marked scientific-humanistic combined style. On the other hand, it is also a multimedia platform of contents in which it will be possible to deepen in the subjects that are treated: cosmology, relativity and, above all, gravity.




Since the inception of General Relativity by Albert Einstein in 1915, GRAVITY as a research area has but growed till forming an extremely rich framework encompassing the universe as a whole. A journey throughout a vast land, from the GPS of our mobile phones to the behaviour of galaxies, passing by satellites, stars, black holes and the recently detected gravitational waves.


To visit all this gravity land we count with a number of fictional characters that will guide us through the scientific contents. Also with interviews and encounters with many real specialists in the subject matter. Their different ways to approach the gravitational framework will provide the viewers with different perspectives producing a rich global experience.




WHY    gravity land


One hundred years ago, a physicist was about to revolution definitely our way of understanding the Universe.

In 1915, Albert Einstein was already famous for his amazing contributions to physics.

Ten years had past since he proposed his famous Principle of Relativity. The theory of light was perfectly consistent with the Relativity Principle, but this was not the case for Newtonian gravity.

In November 1915, after years of struggle trying to build a gravitational theory consistent with the Relativity Principle, Einstein presented to the Prussian Academy of Sciences the General Theory of Relativity. One year after Karl Schwarzschild published the first solution

to the equations of General Relativity: the spacetime curvature produced by a body with sufficient concentration of matter resulted in what today we know as black hole.

One year later, Einstein himself proposed the first cosmological solution. In 1918 the correct formula for the emission of Gravitational waves


These years during the First World War saw with owe the introduction and debate of a revolution on universal knowledge. It is not difficult to argue that it is one of the key science moments of all times. In fact General Relativity has made possible to reflect scientifically about the Universe as a large self-contained theater where everything happen.


gravity land wants to convey the beauty and richness of the notions configuring Relativity, as Einstein unveiled them to us, where science appears integrated with the rest of human activities.

We are in front of a broadband transmission of knowledge, where unity between arts and sciences, between crafts, trades and technology, between work results and human stories behind that work, shape a whole from which to extract intertwined views.


The project counts with a comprehensive knowledge platform,

framed in the most modern versions of trans-media communication.

Mobile devices and tablets show every day the transformations that have taken place in our society.

That is why they are the best vehicle for content transmission: immediate access, anywhere, anytime.


An audiovisual project of this magnitude requires many supports to reach the last link in the chain: to communicate. We hope to pass on our enthusiasm and the interest, scientific and humanistic, that we have projected into our proposal.


CONTENTS    of gravity land


a TV series


gravity land will bring to the general public multiple aspects

of cutting-edge research in the field of gravity,

so that it can be understood as a knowledge acquired in an evolutionary way.


The TV series consists of the following chapters:




Chap 1   Welcome to GRAVITY LAND

Chap 2   General Relativity from the Earth to the Cosmos

Chap 3   The stellar ecosystem

Chap 4   Black Holes: Between heavy weights

Chap 5   Black Holes: Stellar death

Chap 6   An expanding universe

Chap 7   Light and darkness in the structures of the universe

Chap 8   A universe full of dark energy

Cap 9   Gravitational waves: first detection

Cap 10   Gravitational waves: the future in space

Cap 11   When Relativity met the Quantum

Cap 12   A desire called Quantum Gravity

Cap 13   GRAVITY LAND: this is your land



An interactive platform


gravity land also is an interactive project that should use a 3G content operator for its consult in portable devices.


The platform will be divided into 13 sections corresponding to the chapters of the TV series. In each section, we will find the central content, made up of an audiovisual piece of short duration. Around it, a large number of emerging links in the form of textual

and graphic resources will serve as an extension of the proposed content.

We will also find external links that will allow us to jump from our platform to many sites related to the different themes.




TREATMENT   of gravity land


gravity land introduce a set of characters that act as thoughtful communicators,

sometimes enthusiastic, other times critical and skeptical.

Where the love for knowledge, the fascination for what is transmitted and at moments in the frontier between the scientific and the mystic (without compromising expository rigor), are the discourse used to communicate with the public.


By means of Arturo (relativistic physicist, university professor), Laura (TV journalist developing a documentary about Gravity), Esmeralda (a conceptual artist searching by means of his performances to understand gravity and the quantum), Kolia (a freshman student, future bright physicist but hacker and rebel, sometimes at the limits of law), César (an eccentric painter searching in the emptiness his own cosmological answers) and Julio (a former professional physicist, as bright as skeptical, retired in a lost village where he takes care of his bonsais while staying alert by a satellite link to any interesting new development made in the planet), we intend to drive the viewers throughout the contents of General Relativity and Gravitation.

Encounters with many real specialist on the areas will advance our knowledge.

Our characters will add support to the discourse sometimes sharing his own conclusions either didactic or philosophycal.



gravity land wants to convey the beauty and richness of science, integrated in the rest of a human activities.

A broadband transmission of knowledge from which to extract intertwined perspectives.


The treatment is bright, modern and very cinematographic...

With a detailed photography, of high quality, color corrected, with a 4K standard throughout. The sound is at times dense and impressive.

The same happen with the modern soundtrack. All with the narrative and formal quality standards characterizing the last generation of TV series of this XXI century.


CREW   of gravity land


Carlos Barceló


Titular Researcher of CSIC. His work turns around General Relativity and how it should be modified under quantum effects. His larger degree of expertise is in Analogue and Emergent Gravity. His is author of more than 100 scientific articles in the most important journals. Among them, we highlight his Livings Reviews on Relativity on Analogue Gravity and his invited article for Scientific American about black stars as alternative to black holes. He has directed 6 scientific projects, participating in 9 more.

Has received four honorable mentions in the prestigious essay competition of the Gravity Research Foundation and a second prize in the essay competition of the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) (USA).


From 2013-19 he was the President of the Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity which promote, among other activities, gravity land.







Nacho Chueca was born in Granada in 1970. He studied architecture (like Fritz Lang or Peter Greenaway) but since 1996, he is an independent director and producer, working in documentaries, music videos, concerts and architecture documentaries. Since 2004, he is the chairman projects of LIPSSYNC MEDIALAB, producer company that works in modern audiovisual projects like the ACXT international audiovisual architecture exhibition in the CCCB center (Barcelona).

In 2007 Nacho Chueca directed Damned Wwinne, the true story of Genarin, a very heterodox film that, in a false documentary way, describes the story of Genaro Blanco, a strange character of the ´20 in León (Spain). In 2010 he realized and co-produced the road-documentary AFRIKA TREK, a journey to the heart of football, an incredible trek across Africa, using football like human integration tool…

Other film projects leaded by Nacho Chueca are LIVIN´EUROPE, SINCRONISMOS, MUERTES ABSURDAS…


Since 2013, LIPSSYNC MEDIALAB has developed together with the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (CSIC) large-format audiovisual projects, such the Internet Series Deconstructing Light and the documentary film The speed of Our Thoughts (both on the occasion of 2015 as International Year of Light -UNESCO-).

In 2015 he also made the documentary UPWARDS, understanding planet Mars, about upcoming missions of the European Space Agency (ESA) on planet Mars. In 2017 LIPSSYNC co-produced the documentary BIOSTIRLING for SKA, a new generation.


gravity land is the first collaboration with Carlos Barceló and the fourth of long format with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).



Scientific crew



The series counts with the participation of more than 60 researcher of international prestige


With the highlighted colaboration of:


Kip Thorne (LIGO, Caltech, EEUU, Nobel 2017)

Rainer Weiss (LIGO, MIT, EEUU, Nobel 2017)

Barry Barish  (LIGO, Caltech, EEUU, Nobel 2017)

José María Martín Senovilla (UPV-EHU)

José Navarro Salas (UV e IFIC-CSIC)

Aleksei Starobinski  (Landau Institute, Rusia)

Abhay Ashtekar (Penn State U. EEUU)

Christian Wüthrich (U, Ginebra, Suiza)

Isabel Márquez (IAA-CSIC)

Heino Falcke (Proyecto EHT)

Mar Bastero (UGR)

Tomás Ortín (IFT-UAM)

Alicia Sintes (UIB)



Coordination, production and supervision of scientific contents; link with researchers


Carlos Barceló (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía - CSIC)


Documentation. Search for visual resources. Editing assistance


Jesús Martínez Asensio

Technical and artistic crew



Scene director and cinematographer

Nacho Chueca



Artístic crew


José Manuel Valdés

Elisa Marinas

Javier Lomas

Mireia Sabadell

Nikolay Mihaylov


And introducing the conceptual artist

César Barrio



Line producer

Marta Andrés


First assistant production

Raquel Cuétara


Direct sound

Sergio Muñoz


Camera assistant

Daniel Zafra


Art direction

Arancha Férez



Natalia Capilla


Hair & make up

Paula Serrano


FX post-production & computer graphics

Manuel Acosta


Original score

Amalia Chueca y José Ignacio Hernández


Sound production and mixing

Claudio Bonaldi y Esteban Testolini


WEB services

César García Guerra (fündc)




Executive production LIPSSYNC MEDIALAB SRL

Nacho Chueca


Associate production SEGRE - CSIC

Carlos Barceló

CONTACT   of gravity land



Jorge Juan 125

Madrid 28009 ESPAÑA


Tlfno: +34 646 526 848

Fax +34 91 375 92 89